Elite Water Polo Travel Team Attendance Policy

General Information questions contact info.elitewpc@gmail.com


Why should I join Elite Water Polo Club?

Elite is not just a team, for some we are family. We have the top coaches in the valley. We also have coaches that have coached or are currently coaching in the USA National Team Programs.

How do I join Elite Water Polo Club?

To join, go to our registration tab on the home page of our website. 
All registration and payment is online.

Practices are typically 2-3 times a week, between 1 ½ hours & 2 hours long.
Practices: All practices are currently being held at:
Murrieta Valley High School, 42200 Nighthawk Way, Murrieta, CA 92562  

What are the seasons?

The seasons are divided into 4 quarters: These seasons basically following the school quarters.
Fall—September to November
Winter—December to February
Spring—March to May
Summer—June to August

Can I try it out to see if I like it?

Certainly! We host a try it night & bring a friend night at the beginning of each quarter, dates will be posted on the calendar. You will need to print off the Trial & release forms and bring to pool with you for your child to be allowed in the pool.

When can I join Elite Water Polo?

We welcome you to Elite anytime, however it is best to begin at the beginning of a session.  Go to our website www.elitewaterpolo.com , look on the calendar and find the times your age group is practicing and introduce yourself to our friendly staff.  Our water polo seasons and fees are split into four quarters throughout the year.  

What skills do I need?

You need to feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim 100 yards & follow direction. Eggbeater and breaststroke kicks are important when you are in a vertical position. We will provide you the proper fundamentals to excel in the sport. If you are a novice, don't worry we teach you everything you need to know:)

Why would I ever want my child to play water polo?

Water polo is a small sport with great opportunities in high school. There aren’t tons of 8th graders vying for limited  training spots in high school their freshmen year like in other land sports.  Water polo is an Olympic sport.  Many colleges offer water polo. Water polo is a great background for participating as a lifeguard at pools or the beach during summers. Water polo athletes are the best physical ahtletes in sports.  No one is better conditioned than water polo players. Games last 45 minutes.  When the game is over, your athlete is clean, exhausted, and hungry.   That’s much different than America’s other past times, where game times are longer, very sweaty, and sometimes not always active. Oh, and it's FUN!

Do you teach kids to swim?

We do teach swimming during our water polo work outs for our more novice 10U athletes. If your athlete is over 10yr old and can not swim 100 Yards than it may be in your best interest to invest in swim lessons before you try water polo. This will make water polo more injoyable for your athlete:)

When can I join EliteWater Polo Club?

You may start at any time. We welcome all players from beginner to advanced.

What are the age groups?

18 & Under Boys and Girls
16 & Under Boys and Girls
14 & Under Boys and Girls
12 & Under Boys and Girls 
10 & Under 7-10 Boys and Girls
Splashball—ages 5 to 7 Coed Summer only
MASTERS WATER POLO 20+ email for more info at elitewpmasters@gmail.com

Important~Birthdates for USA Water Polo are determined as of August 1st. Please sign up for the appropriate age group using this date. For example if you are 12 but turn 13 before August 1 2017 you are considered a 14 Under. If you are 12 and turn 13 after August 1 2017 you are considered a 12 Under.

What is Splashball or Pee Wee’s?
Splashball is a combination of learning swimming and water polo skills. It is conducted in a safe and fun environment. Athletes can use 2 hands, wear or use floatation devices, and wear caps. They practice swimming, learn water polo skills and play games. Splashball months vary depending on pool space and weather, you will find info on Splashball page typically in summer months. If your athlete is able to follow direction and swim across pool, we welcome them to the 10U group.

What is USA Water Polo and why do I have to join?
USA Water Polo is the national governing body of the sport of water polo. It is under the direction of the United States Olympic Committee. All athletes must be a member of USA Water Polo to practice or compete in tournaments. USA Water Polo membership provides important insurance in case of injury. Membership costs $102 per year from January 1 through December 31st.
All Athletes must have USA Water Polo memberships to be allowed in the water. Please register today if you have not already done so.
Club # 1396 Elite
Please register as a Gold Athlete. 
Follow link below or go to

How much does it cost to join Elite Water Polo Club? 
Our program is based on quarters: 

Quarterly Fee $390.00.
Quarterly Fee - 2nd Sibling $330.00.
Quarterly Fee - 3rd Sibling $285.00.

This fee pays for facilities, coaches, scrimmages and maintenance. This fee does not cover tournament costs. *See game info below.
*Please note, although our sport follows a quarter system you can join any time however it is best to join at the beginning of the session with all other new athletes.

What do I need for practice?
Winter months- warm clothes, towel for after practice. Summer months always sunblock & Water.
Boys can wear a speedo, newer athletes can wear a jammer until they are more comfortable, color Black. Girls are required to wear a 1 peice suit, color black.
Goggles for swimming, all athletes are required to put their goggles away after use.

*Elite Water Polo is not responsible for lost items or items left on deck. Please remind your athletes to keep their items where they can see them & NOT in the locker/restroom. People from all over campus visit these restrooms and things will get stolen if left in there and Elite is not liable.

Volunteers & Fundraising 
Volunteering and fundraising is a neccessary evil. ALL families are required to participate during the year. This is how we raise extra funds to cover equipment, additional coaching costs, temporary emergency scholarships for those who meet a crisis such a losing a parent/job, along other expenses our program accumulates. 
*Everyone signs this volunteer/fundraising agreement upon registration.
Contact for Fundraising & Volunteering: Lisa Lynton info.elitewpc@gmail.com 

Event Registration If you would like to participate in a tournament event, you will need to register for each event by each individual sign up deadline. Tournament fees vary from $35-90 for regular events depending on their cost to us.  National or Travel trip Events are generally higher and TBD) 

When are the best times to plan a vacation so I do not miss out on training and games?
The two week school break at Christmas and New Years is excellent, 4th of July weekend as is the time after Junior Olympics—end of August beginning of September, until school starts or the high school water polo season begins.

Is there a game policy?
Yes, to compete in games athletes must attend practice. If an athlete regularly misses practice they will not be accepted on a game roster for that week.
*All athletes are expected to attend all free scrimmages, all athletes will play these are for developemental purposes.
*We encourage all athletes to enter SPA league, this is also good for developement.
*Tournaments require sign up as stated above. We are playing for a result at these events and playing time is solely at the discretion of the coaches. We encourage everyone to sign up to play as much as possible, this is the only way your athlete will get game experience. The more kids signed up give more athletes the opportuntiy to play at different levels as we will enter more than one team per division.
*All athletes should arrive 45 minutes before game time for warm up and to leave time for games running ahead.
GAME SCHEDULES- Please note we don't recieve game schedules until the Wednesday before a tournament. When we recieve the schedule we will annouce via all of our communication outlets. Please do not email earlier than that, when we recieve the info we will forward. While this might seem unual to those from another sport, this is the way of the water polo world for some reason!;)

All athlete attenting tournament/league games are required to wear to wear team suits, girls required to wear team caps. All athletes are also required to purchase team shirts for tournaments. All required items can be found on the merchandise page.

Athlete and Parent Code of Conduct:
All athletes and parents a required to follow a strict Code of Conduct within our program along with USA Water polo.

*Upon membership to both you will be required to sign off on your agreement to behave with good Character and Sportsmanship.
In the COD we stress the importance of the following:
*No Yelling at Officials on deck or in a parking lot.
*No Yelling at Coaches on deck or in a parking lot.
*Absolutley NO fighting with other parents/families on the pool deck, in the stands or in any parking lot.
*NO drinking on the pool deck.
*No encouraging an athlete to hurt another athlete to hurt another athlete.
*No discussing issues with a Coach after a game or anytime in front of athletes. There is an appropriate time and place for discussions. 
*Playing time is always at the discretion of the Coach, if this is a concern athletes are encourages to discuss with coach how they might improve.

For National events, athletes are highly encouraged at all practices and games at least 1 month prior to event. Only illness with a doctor’s note are excusable.

How will I know if there is a schedule change or cancellation?
Pools can be complicated, if something happens to pool we will often find out at last minute. 
Always check the calendar before any game or practice; we will post all changes or cancellations there. 
Cancellations or changes do happen from time to time due to safety issues such as lightning, pool closures for maint /repairs or school functions.

As a water sport we do not have the option of just picking up and finding another pool if there is an issue as there are not that many to choose from and then most importantly there are permits, insurance and other teams that become involved. Everything from practice to tournaments require many steps to use a pool, unlike field sports who can pick up and find an empty school/park field for practice if a problem comes up. We thank you in advance for your patience and support in this matter.

We also email out any changes as well, so please check your email on a regular basis. All emails are generated out of the website database that you registered on and sent to all athletes registered for the current session. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Remind 101.
TWITTER- EliteWaterPolo
FACEBOOK- Search Murrieta Elite Water Polo, send friend request- then send a message of who your ahtlete is or you will NOT be added. We post pictures on this page so for privacy issues we will NOT add without your athlete verification. We also have a PAGE Elite Water Polo.
Remind 101 text alert- text to 615-601-0396 type the message @coachly in the text field and send.

If you are not receiving any emails it is possible you are not registered properly OR there is a typo in your email address. You can log into your Elite account at any time to edit your account and verify all info is correct. All changes to your information are the parents’ responsibility, please do not email requests to add or change emails in your account.

What if I have more questions, who do I ask?
Contact Adelle Lynton, club administrator at elitewpc@gmail.com