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Practice Schedule

Elite age group Water Polo trains at Murrieta Valley High School, two hours per day, three days per week (Mon, Tues, & Thurs). On Wednesday, players practice swim conditioning and goalie skills. The Splashball practices four times per week for one hour.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

3:30-4:30    Splashball (Ends Dec 10)
4:00-6:00    10/12/14 boys and girls
6:00-8:00    16 boys and girls
7:00-9:00    18 boys and girls


Swim & Goalie Clinic

5:00-6:00    10/12/14 boys and girls
6:00-7:00    16 boys and girls
7:00-8:00    18 boys and girls (+Goalies)
8:00-9:00     Masters


About Elite

Giant Goals, Vivid Vision, Core Purpose and Values

     Elite is a “Non- Profit Organization” that offers year-round Water polo for Boys and Girls ages 6-18. Elite water polo is proud to be the longest standing Water Polo club serving the Murrieta, Temecula, and Elsinore Valley. Elite was founded by  Bryan Lynton in 2000.  Almost twenty years later, in October of 2019, Bryan passed the helm of Elite to Chris Boyer. The vision he passed to Coach Boyer was to introduce the youth in the community to the sport and develop them for competition. 
     The goals of Elite lie in the development of athletes to participate in scrimmages, local tournaments and qualify to compete on the National Level, Junior Olympics.  At Elite, players work on their technical skills, learn the rules, develop strength, and conditioning to compete in Water Polo. More important than the sport-specific skill development or physical fitness benefits, the mission of Elite is to develop character and community through sport. Elite's motto is to "be brave, work hard, and have fun."  


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